Roshini Ebenezer

HT joy

Roshini Ebenezer
HT joy


HTjoy is the fruit of Himalayan Tapestries

Himalayan Tapestries is the work and mission of Anna Ebenezer. For the past 18 years here in a valley of the Himalayas, Anna has been training women in unique and beautiful hand-crafting skills, such as eco-dyeing. 

HTjoy is all about eco-dyeing with ingredients from the foothills of the Himalaya’s. We create simple and beautiful products that show case the dyeing skills that the women at HT have developed over the years.


At HTjoy we want to create staple pieces that are seasonal in color but not in shape. Our first product is a pure silk slip dress dress eco-dyed in five natural colors. A simple and timeless shape with a luxurious feel.

The slip dress will be available for wholesale in sizes XS, S and M.


The women artisans at HT are challenged by life; most have been economically and socially marginalized and their stories are their own to share. But, like all of us, they look forward to creating the best life possible for themselves and those they love. Anna's vision is to restore to them their God-given dignity through the beauty and fulfillment of work that is creative, rewarding, and sustaining. 


At HT we believe that work, at its best, can be empowering, sustaining, and give j o y. We seek to create an environment for our employees that cultivates this; one where they are able to earn a fair, living wage in an environment that is filled with hope and purpose.


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